No Ordinary Moments serves the developmentally disabled, exclusively. No Ordinary Moments is a private, for profit corporation that contracts with a variety of regional centers in southern California to provide services to the developmentally disabled. No Ordinary Moments can also provide staff to schools, hospitals, after-school programs, social service agencies and can be hired privately to serve families. As of 6/1/2022, we employ more than 450 Personal Attendants and serve more than 110 consumers throughout southern California.

No Ordinary Moments consists of two divisions: A Supported Living agency, and a Mobile Intervention Unit, more commonly referred to as the Crisis Team.

Supported Living Services:

Supported Living is considered to be long term residential placement. Here at No Ordinary Moments we consider it to be life-long. Supported living was originally designed for consumers who did not require a great deal of supervision. Our supported living division is designed to serve the opposite population. Our expertise is serving those that have failed in other placements, who require intense supervision, and who cannot take care of themselves. We serve those who have legal restrictions, severe behavioral challenges, psychiatric issues, medical concerns, and any combination thereof. Most of our consumers require staffing 24 hours a day. Most of our consumers in our supported living program were first in our Crisis division and after it was determined that there were no interested agencies in the state who were willing to work with a particular consumer we transitioned him/her into our supported living program.

We provide complete care for our consumers including obtaining and dispensing medications, ensuring regular medical visits including psychiatric, vision and dental and we employ an on-call RN for consultation on nursing issues. We provide excellent care and our staff is regularly supervised by our team of Program Coordinators.

If you are interested in seeking placement into our supported living agency for yourself or for a family member please contact the consumer’s Regional Center Service Coordinator. He/she will be able to assist you and if it is determined that supported living with No Ordinary Moments is what is required, the Regional Center Service Coordinator will then contact us and a meeting will be arranged.

Our supported living component serves adults in southern California. As of 6/1/2022 we have 33 adults in our supported living program throughout southern California.

Mobile Intervention (Crisis) Team:

Our Crisis Team primarily serves the Regional Centers in southern California as well as a variety of school districts, social service agencies and private hospitals. We will go where we are needed. If necessary, we are able to contract directly with a family in need. A “crisis” is whatever the referring agency or family considers to be urgent. We are prepared to respond to an emergency within one hour of being called and can establish staffing to whatever degree is required within two hours. We provide supervision for as short a time period as an hour and we have provided on-going 24 hours per day crisis intervention for some of our cases for several years. We provide 1:1 supervision for children and adults. We have staffed many of our crisis cases with 2 staff and even 3 staff to ensure the safety of the consumer, the family and/or the community. We serve any type of disability and any level of functioning. We provide 24 hour supervision for those consumers who have legal restrictions.

We will work in the home of a child, in an adult’s place of residence, in schools, at aftercare programs or in psychiatric or medical hospitals. We are able to secure psychiatric appointments, obtain medications, dispense medication and monitor these medications for those who come to us in need of such services. While a consumer is in our care we ensure that all medical and dental needs are met. No Ordinary Moments is able to transport difficult consumers, young or adult, anywhere in the country and beyond with just a few hours notice. We will remain with the transported consumer as long as required to ensure a successful transition. No Ordinary Moments has transported consumers all over the country, from program to program or from one living setting to another.

In the past 25 years we have enabled several hundred families to keep their developmentally disabled child at home while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved. We have also provided invaluable assistance to several hundred adults who were in need of intense, short term supervision.

As of 6/1/2022 the “crisis team” is providing services to more than 100 developmentally disabled children and adults throughout southern California.